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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential aspect of fire safety, ensuring that occupants can safely evacuate a building in emergency situations. Proper installation, regular testing, and maintenance are essential to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of these systems.

B&G are experts in Emergency Lighting

emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting Installation

emergency lighting

Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting maintenance and servicing

Why do you need emergency lighting?

In the event of a fire alarm, it is vital to ensure that critical areas of your property such as fire exits, and escape routes are illuminated to allow safe evacuation from a building, and identify firefighting equipment (or any other fire safety equipment) conforming to British Standard BS5266-1.

Emergency lighting activates when there is a power failure providing reassurance that in this event, people can follow direction to evacuate.

We stock a large range of emergency lighting which ensures an immediate response to an emergency lighting failure.

Flexible Emergency Lighting Service Contracts

B&G offer service contracts ranging from a 10-minute monthly flick test to a more extensive 3-hour discharge test; we will record all tests, including any faults which will be reported to the responsible person to ensure that the appropriate remedial action can be taken.

What does emergency lighting equipment include?

  • Illuminated fire exit signs
  • Escape route lighting and signs
  • Indoor emergency luminaries
  • Outdoor emergency luminaries
  • Maintenance and servicing

Our range of expertise also includes:

Emergency Response

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