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Access Control Systems come as 3 types: Door Entry, Standalone and PC-Networked

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Access Control Systems

Access Control offers a convenient way of enabling the secure movement of people within your building. Unlike locks and keys, access control provides an efficient way to integrate other systems like CCTV, fire alarms, security alarms, automatic doors and payroll for a complete solution.

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Standalone Systems

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The benefits of Door Access Control include:

Door access control systems offer a range of benefits for both residential and commercial settings. These systems provide enhanced security, convenience, and control over who can enter specific areas or buildings.

Key benefits of using Door Access Control systems:

  • No need to change locks when staff are no longer employed
  • Keys cannot be copied as they are not required
  • The property’s main entrance is not left open throughout the day, as the door will lock automatically
  • Control specific areas of a building where you want staff to have free, or limited access
  • Manage the opening of particular doors, gates and areas during set periods according to business requirements
  • Promptly create a fire register in the event of an evacuation based on the data of the access points

How does an Access Control System work

As with other security systems, there are different types of access control systems. The most suitable for your premises can be determined by a site survey.

The three types of access control systems are:

  • Door Entry
  • Standalone
  • PC-Networked

Each access control system allows for complete management of who is permitted in the buildings on site. They also store relevant data about the times in and out of the premises.

Door Entry

Enables entry for visitors who cannot access the building via the door access control system.

A door entry system allows entry to the premises to visitors and those who cannot access via other methods. An entry panel is placed externally to the building entrance. The visiting party dials a call button which alerts those in the building to someone at the entrance wishing to come inside. Microphones inside and outside of the building allows for communication to decide upon granting entry.


This is a simple system installed with a keypad/reader where the user must type a code or use a fob.

The most simplistic and cost-effective means of controlling the entrances of a building. The required equipment is located near to the entrance doorway, with a valid code entry or fob required to access. All programming on this type of system is positioned local to the door through specialist access control equipment.


Offers tailored access for each person on site, controlled by the relevant software.

In place where all access control doors are connected through wires to provide a communication path running between the doors and the relevant software on a PC. The access levels and permissions are programmed through the PC with all data downloaded, to each individual entrance, as required. PC-Networked systems also allow for system usage report

Enhance security within Access Control

One of the primary benefits of door access control systems is improved security. They help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas or buildings. Access control systems can restrict entry to authorized personnel only, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry.

In the event of a security breach, access control systems can provide audit trails and logs, helping to identify potential security threats or breaches.

Remote Management with Access Control

Many modern access control systems can be managed remotely through web-based interfaces or mobile apps. This allows administrators to grant access or monitor activities from anywhere with an internet connection.

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